Dehydrated Skin Or Dry Skin? Know the difference

Dehydrated Skin Or Dry Skin? Know the difference


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Let us dive in. I don’t want to take too much of your time. I just want to quickly clarify that Dry skin is different from dehydrated skin.

I know they may seem the same but they are not. It is very important to know the difference so you can treat your skin appropriately with the right ingredients and skincare products. It just might be the reason you are not seeing the desired result from your skincare products.

First and foremost, dry skin is a skin type and dehydrated skin is a condition that affects the skin.

Dehydration of the skin refers to the low water content of the skin, not the oil content. Whereas Dry skin is a skin type that lacks or does not have enough natural oils. See the difference?

Dehydrated skin can be dry, itchy, skin tone may appear uneven and dull, may cause circles under the eyes, signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, are more prominent. It is treatable, I will get to that in a minute.

Dry skin is a skin type that happens when the sebaceous glands don’t produce enough natural oils. It can be hereditary, it can happen as we age, it can happen due to hormonal changes, or by underlying health problems.

On dry skin the skin can feel tight and uncomfortable, it will look dull if not cared for properly. You will see scaly skin, white flakes, feels rough, and those who have dry skin may experience irritations and itchiness.

Dry skin can be a bit difficult to treat, depending on the cause. But it is manageable. See some easy ways to manage dry skin here.

If the skin is sufficiently hydrated, it feels very soft, plump, and looks very radiant. This is why many people find it hard to believe that I have extremely dry skin. I work hard on keeping my skin hydrated.

I have met many people who refused to moisturize their skins daily because they have oily skin. It is such hard work convincing them that this is not the best move. No matter your skin type, you need to moisturize daily with a good quality, preferably, completely natural moisturizer. No one is exempted.

If your skin is dehydrated you need to look into making some lifestyle changes, especially in your diets. Drinks lots of water, layer your skin with creams made with humectants. Go slow using central heating. Extreme temperatures should be avoided by protecting the skin from them.

I am a firm believer in a slow and steady approach to skincare. That is why plant-based ingredients are perfect for me. Nothing aggressive. If you stick with them and use them religiously you will start seeing improvements in your skin.

We all have different skincare needs but hydration is an essential part of healthy skin. You must not avoid creams just because you have oily skin or sensitive skin. You just have to choose wisely. Every skin type needs help with added hydration to protect from moisture loss, do this by using emollient cream.

It is so easy to keep the skin hydrated and comfortable and youthful-looking by using the right skincare products and embracing a healthy lifestyle.

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