How Often Should You Use A Face Scrub?

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How Often Should You Use A Face Scrub?


As far as I am concerned using a face scrub to exfoliate is one of the best things everybody must do as part of their skincare routine. This is an important skincare step for everyone.

Using Face Scrub for your face or for your entire body will make your skin clear and refreshed. Honestly using a nontoxic body or face scrub to slough off dead skin cells from your head to toe is the skincare solution to so many skin problems.

You have no idea the amount of beauty products build-up we are carrying around. That is why most of us noticed that a product that was once effective stopped working for us. More than likely this is caused by clogged skin.

Removing these dead skin cells by exfoliating prevents my skin from looking dull and tired.

Exfoliating with natural scrub will clear your skin, leaving it clean and healthy. And your Skincare products will work better. 


How many times a week can you use face scrub?

I only scrub once a week in summer and spring. But once we get into autumn and cold months of winter I start exfoliating more. Increasing it to 2 or more a week.

As the weather changes so should our beauty routine be adjusted to suit the season. I use face scrub more in the winter months because this is the period when my skin gets extremely dry. I need to remove dead skin more than I do in summer.

My advice for those just starting to use face scrubs is to start with once a week. Don’t overdo it. Lookout to see that your skin is improving and not reacting badly. Gently massage the face scrub onto your skin. 

Why you should exfoliate with face scrub

  • Face Scrub helps to block free radicals, a major cause of ageing. Reducing and preventing fine-lines, age spots, and wrinkles.
  • Face Scrub helps skin to remain youthful looking by softening and hydrating the body.
  • Face Scrub has rejuvenating effect on skin cells, soothes irritations, softens roughness, treats acne, eczema and blackheads.
  • Face scrub removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores. It’s great for making skin look clear and refreshed.
  • Face Scrub will help boosts circulation. Using it will improve blood flow to all parts of the body.
  • Exfoliating with Face Scrub will open your pores and give the skincare products better chance of absorbing and working well.

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I use my own handmade sugar scrub to exfoliate. This is made with completely plant-based ingredients. I strongly suggest you do the same if you want a healthy flawless result.

I am a staunch advocate of people making some of their own skincare products. A face scrub is one of the easiest beauty products to make by oneself. See simple recipes here.

I implore you to use nothing but good quality plant-based ingredients, especially natural oils when making your face scrubs or check when buying.

You see our skin, especially the facial skin, needs oils to maintain a healthy balance. A very good Oil will help to retain moisture and also protect against environmental damage.

Letting your skin get dehydrated can speed up aging signs. Wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots will start showing. So exfoliate!

After using Handmade Face Scrub you should apply green tea oil as a moisturizer.


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