The Advantages Of Body Butter’s Thickness To Your Skin!

The Advantages Of Body Butter’s Thickness To Your Skin!


Many people do not like body butter because of it’s thickness, stickiness, and sometimes hard to apply on hairy skin. Fair enough, I just hope these people do not have extremely dry flaky skin. If they do, they might be turning their noses at the very solution to their skin problems.

Body butter is an emollient that fills the skin with lipids. These lipids helps to treat dry cracked skin. This will leave skin softer, smoother, and hydrated. The skin will look and feel better. You need to embrace Body Butter, thickness and all, if you desire supple hydrated skin.

How to whip shea butter by Ruka's Place.
Shea Butter is a plant-based emollients. That means it fills in and smooths the skin

The thickness of body butter helps…

  • Prevents the skin from losing water.
  • To moisturize stay longer on the skin than any other types of emollient.
  • Avoid adverse reactions because preservatives are rarely needed.
  • reduce the need to reapply as often as you will body lotions or body creams.
  • Coat the skin with a thin oily film that seals the water in the skin
Ruka's Place plant derived carrier oils.
Ruka’s Place plant derived carrier oils are Occlusives. That means they form a protective layer on top of the skin to seal in water.

REMEMBER…. Using just a jar of butter and giving up as not working for you is wrong. First and foremost- Body Butters like all moisturizers should be applied frequently to obtain the best result. The drier your skin, the more often you should apply it.

Ruka’s Place Handmade Body Butters

All the Handmade Body Butters from Ruka’s Place Earthy Skincare Products are all complete moisturisers. They contain emollients, occlusive, and humectants. These are the 3 most important ingredients in all moisturisers.

  • Emollients fills in and smooths the skin.
  • Occlusives forms a protective layer on top of the skin to seal in water.
  • Humectants draws water from the air to the skin.

Ruka’s Place Body Butters are completely natural, made with plant derived ingredients. These handmade butters will treat and manage dry itchy skin, making the users comfortable to get on with their daily activities.

These plant-based butters not only help with cracked, irritated skin but they can also help with psoriasis, eczema, acne, diaper rash, burns, atopic dermatitis, and other skin irritations.

Remember all Body Butters from Ruka’s Place are:

  • 100% Natural Body Butter
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Handmade in Ireland
  • Paraben and Cruelty-Free
Ruka's Place Vegetable Glycerine
Vegetable Glycerine is an Humectant. That means it can draws water from the air to the skin


Whether you buy from or from someone else just make sure that you choose plant-based. For me, it is the best option when it comes to skincare.

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