The Best Natural Soaps For Dry-Skin

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The Best Natural Soaps For Dry-Skin


Dry skin! dry skin!! dry skin!!! I am afraid this is a problem that is never going away. Dry skin affects too many people across the globe and we are always looking for ways to treat or manage it.

There are so many little things that can be done daily to help manage dry skin. You can read about them here. The choice of soap used for dry skin management is very important. Most people will need to try a few before they find the perfect one.

Covering up with moisturiser is a well known fact for dry skin relief. But the first step is a gentle soap that won’t cause more dryness.

Most soaps strip the skin of oil and moisture, these are things every skin desperately need to prevent dryness. Do we now stay away from Soaps and not take our baths, wash our hands, do any cleaning work with soaps? Of course not, that is just impossible.

It gets even more serious with covid-19, washing of hands is mandatory and has to be done regularly. Those of us with dry skin and dry rough hands can tell stories of all these on their hands and body.

That is why it is important to moisturise properly after taking a bath, shampooing hair and scalp, washing hands, or any other exposure to soaps. It is recommended to moisturise immediately, not more than 5 minutes, after bathing to hydrate and seal in moisture in to the skin. Though we can choose soaps that are formulated to protect dry skin, there are soaps that can actually add moisture to the skin.

These are natural soaps formulated to help minimize the drying effects of soaps on our hands, hair, and body. These soaps are gentle, free of any harsh chemicals.

Have a look at these Plant-Based Soaps

Organic Liquid Castile Soap


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Handmade Organic Natural Shampoo


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African Raw Black Soap


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Handmade Organic Camwood+ Bar Soap


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Handmade Organic Turmeric Soap


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These natural soaps are gentle, especially for delicate skin. They are also of great value compare to others.

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