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Common guys, I am inviting you all to join me, and let’s bleach our skin. Yes, you heard me right- let’s bleach our skin. Why not? Isn’t that how we measure beauty?

I am at a loss. We tell people to stop bleaching their skin, but we turn around and praise those who do. Telling them they look gorgeous. Hypocrisy is what I call it.

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Most of us have seen the video of the woman bathing in chemicals to Whiten her skin. I am appalled but not surprised.

What got me angry is the public outcry among the black people. What are we playing at? Why are we acting as if this is something too strange to us? Let’s call a spade a spade, most of the people shouting and shaking their heads in disgust are culprits themselves.

The difference between this woman bathing in chemicals and other black women is that she was caught doing it. Many black women take injections to whiten their skin. Some use harsh creams and chemicals to achieve this crazy result. Most of the women going to this extreme measure are all coming out to cry and shout about bleaching. Really?

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Most black women don’t think they are beautiful until they remove every layer of skin in the name of bleaching. This is a fact. Just take a look around you. It is an epidemic.


We as a society adore these bleached women. We worship them once the result is achieved, but we cry out at someone in the process of achieving this result? Even most men will say they are against bleaching but won’t look twice at dark-skinned girls. Hellooooo!

You have seen countless pictures of makeup-covered atrocities on the skin claiming flawlessness. Most of these makeup products project light skin. Making a dark skin person lighter in colour. Are we saying it is bad to be dark skin?

A naturally black woman woke up one day and suddenly became very light skin, and we celebrated her beauty. We elevate her and become a beauty expert to many people. Nobody sees anything wrong in that. I ask you if you truly think that this woman was suddenly turned this way by God?

It is laughable really; I mean the hypocrisy of it all. I am a natural Skincare Products Entrepreneur. People always come looking for products to bleach their skin or those with already ruined skin through bleaching will come looking for miracles to solve their problems. Only a tiny few want to hear about the health of their skin. Many Skincare Entrepreneurs will back me up in this- it is incredibly hard to sell products that won’t bleach to most black women.

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Many will come to me disguised as looking for skincare products that will tone them lightly, that will brighten their skin, and make them glow. In reality, all they want is something that will bleach their skin. I waste no time telling such people that I don’t sell bleaching products. It goes against everything I believe in.

When I started my business, I was preaching the importance of healthy skin over harsh chemical-filled products, but a lot of people weren’t interested. I realized that most of these people had damaged their skin already by bleaching and are just looking for a quick fix.

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We fail to realize that properly cared for skin will be healthy. Healthy skin will be beautiful. But I stopped preaching that a long time ago. Nobody wants to hear that. Including the majority of the people shouting and ranting with indignation at the video of the woman bathing in chemicals to become white.

What else are we to say about bleaching that we haven’t said over the years. The dangers of it have been discussed and discussed. The people who indulged in bleaching are aware. They are like smokers; they know the danger of smoking but can’t stay away.

I think the belief is that bleaching makes them look beautiful and more appealing. I really don’t think so. Time and time again dark skin have been proved to be beautiful.

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Maybe if we stop celebrating those who bleached their skin as the epitome of beauty maybe others will think twice before getting into it.

I am a great believer in people should be left alone to do whatever they want with their life. Don’t criticize, don’t judge, let them be. Especially if they are not hurting anyone else. Sometimes you just have to speak up.

I spoke recently against bleaching despite promising myself to stay away from that topic. I don’t believe in using scaremongering as a tool to drive sales. People who want to bleach are going to do so no matter what anyone says. I just thought I would rather use my time on a cause that is still winnable.

I decided to speak out when I noticed that the number of children with bleached skin is increasing. I thought this is highly irresponsible. Bleach your skin if you must, but leave the poor children out of it until they can make that decision for themselves.

Why would anyone think that a child’s skin had to be bleached and tampered with? What is that all about? You see children with dark patches on their faces. Why this? Is it that dark skin children are not cute? I am baffled.

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Let me say this, using a natural method to bleach is not exactly good. The results you get are just instant gratification, you mess with your skin, and you will feel it later in life.

Some people will buy the 1 Euro Skincare Cream from Pound Shops to use on their skin, claiming it works for them. When their skin now becomes damaged they start looking for miracles.

When you invest and consistently take care of your skin, you will glow. Having dark skin is different from having tired dull skin.

Some people have pigmentation issues and look to clear those, that is a different case. Bleaching is a whole different ball game.

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If you truly are against bleaching why are you celebrating those who do? Isn’t that an endorsement? Why do you buy products from someone who obviously bleached their skin if you are as you claimed disgusted by bleaching?

Let’s stop this play acting and really do what we know is right.

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There is no miracle, you put in the work, and you reap the reward. I preach Natural Skincare, especially homemade ones because most of what you see on the shelves in stores is disastrous to our health.

Bleaching is self-hate. It is not going to make you beautiful. Using natural ingredients or not, it is a dangerous thing.

What do you think?

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