African Camwood Powder (Benefits, Uses, & How to Use)

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African Camwood Powder (Benefits, Uses, & How to Use)


Did you know that for centuries new born babies are massaged with Camwood Powder mixed in Shea Butter? Now You Know.

Camwood Powder Benefits and Uses

This is particularly common among the West Africans, especially Nigerian. This herbal powder is really great in clearing skin problems and it is now being embraced by many to achieve flawless skin, myself included.

Camwood Powder is also known as African Sandalwood Powder.  

Camwood Powder comes from the heart or core of the Camwood tree, a tree of African origin.

Camwood Powder cleansing power works on both face and the whole body, a natural herb for healthy skin.

The after effects is immediate, you'll feel your skin smooth, supple and glowing. This beauty Ingredient also treats all different kind of skin problems; like Pimples, Eczema, Wrinkles, Acne, Skin discolorations and many more.


 Benefits of Camwood Powder

 1)   Camwood Powder can help undo damages to the skin caused by the sun. A natural beauty ingredient for treating sunburns.

2)    Teenagers dealing with pimples, acne, and eczema will find Camwood Powder a  great help when added to their skincare routine.

3)    If you want to remove or reduce the signs of aging, then you better not ignore Camwood Powder. Mix with many Homemade beauty products like Face Masks, Scrubs, and Natural face moisturizers for wonderful results.

4)    Camwood Powder is also loaded with natural skin soothing properties and qualities that enhance skin beautifully. A must in natural beauty recipes

5)    Many swear by it, myself included, that if Included in your skincare routine you’ll get glowing and even skin tone naturally. 

6)    Camwood Powder will clear all signs of acne, skin rashes, sunburn, blemishes, premature aging etc. Leaving your skin flawless. Natural cosmetics at its best.

7)  Camwood Powder will leave your skin clean, nourished and glowing. 

8)  Camwood Powder contains powerful antioxidants and is also an anti-inflammatory agent that helps to improve blood circulation to your face, remove toxins and fight the formation of wrinkle-causing free radicals. 

9) Camwood Powder is also loaded with anti-aging, detoxifying and wrinkle reducing properties. 


How to Use Camwood Powder

  1. As I said earlier this powder is very versatile, you can mix it with any liquid soap and use as body wash.
  2. Mix it with your favourite facial mask for added benefit, A skincare tip that will save you lots of money and hassles.
  3. You can mix Camwood Powder with Rosewater and Glycerine and you have a face mask that will rid you of wrinkles effectively.
  4. You can mix a little Camwood Powder into your Moisturizer for great effects.
  5. Add it to your mix when making your sugar scrub, to give it a good kick. 


I particularly love this powder because you don’t have to wait ages or use it for a week before seeing result. The effect is immediate. Your skin will feel clean, nourished and glowing after using it.
I can go on and on about Camwood Powder but I don’t want to bore you, just know that your skincare routine is not complete without Camwood Powder.

 Have I convinced you to try this amazing powder? Brilliant!!!

Here are a couple of simple recipes to get you started;

Camwood Body Cream

Camwood Body Scrub

Camwood Face Masks

Or check here for more Simple Skincare Recipes


Keep It simple,




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