Pure Shea Butter in Ireland

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Pure Shea Butter in Ireland


At Ruka's Place Earthy Skincare we sell Pure Raw Shea Butter in Ireland. There are so many Shea Butter for sale but most are not in the pure raw form, many of these Shea Butter have been mixed with other ingredients. 

So if you want that authentic African Shea Butter then visit us today and see for yourself. 

We have Organic Raw Shea Butter and many other Organic Skincare Products. We also have varieties of Raw Body Butters, Carrier Oils, Essential Oils, Natural Soaps, Healing Powders, and many more.


So if you need Raw Shea Butter for your skin and Hair, you should come to us.

Check here to see the skincare and Haircare Benefits of Raw Shea Butter

You can make very nourishing skincare and Haircare Products with Shea Butter. See how to make Shea Lotion, Or make simple Whipped Shea Cream to treat dry skin and many other skin issues you may have.




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