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Hello Nature Lovers,

What is the healthy and effective way to treat tired aching feet? There are many! Here is mine, I call it The Ultimate Foot Soak.

It is possible to use a stone to kill many birds. Well, I am not really talking about stones and birds. In my weird way, what I am trying to say is that My Ultimate Foot Soak can do many great things to your feet.

Foot Soak For Tired Feet

I try to do this foot soak once a week, or when I have had a particularly tiring day and my feet are aching badly. The result and effect are just mesmerizing, you need to experience it to know what I am talking about  

Those who do homemade pedicures will find this foot soak really great as a primer for getting feet ready, soft, and easy to work with.

This ultimate foot soak will not only relax tired aching feet, but it will get rid of foot odour too.

Let’s make it then.

Ingredients for Ultimate Foot Soak

A bucket of warm water

3 tablespoons of Citric Acid

3 tablespoons of Baking Soda

10-15 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil

A wide bowl


How To Make Ultimate Foot Soak

  1. Pour the warm water into the bowl
  2. Add the citric acid and Baking soda
  3. Then add the Rosemary Oil
  4. Now put your feet into the water
  5. Soak for 20 minutes

 Relaxing Ultimate Foot Soak

Try to do this at least twice a week, do it more often if you want to get rid of foot odour.


Benefits of Ultimate Foot Soak

  • A great way to get your foot to relax
  • Beautiful looking feet
  • This foot soak is an effective disinfectant because of its antiseptic properties.
  • Soaking feet in this foot soak will kill or inhibit bacteria, so blisters, cuts, and under toenails are protected
  • You can get rid of foot odour with this foot soak
  • A great start to a pedicure, it will exfoliate the feet and keep it smooth
  • This foot soak will clean the bottom of the feet
  • Ultimate foot soak soothes your muscles, especially tired muscles and swelling
  • Feet are prone to dryness; this soak will hydrate it.
  • The perfect way to relieve aches and pains after a hard day wearing a high heel or uncomfortable shoes


So please don’t forget to soak your feet in Ultimate foot soak once a week, and let stress disappear. Much Love.

For added benefits, you can massage your feet with Raw Shea Butter




Keep It Simple,





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