Uses of Citric Acid

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Uses of Citric Acid


There is a simple non expensive ingredient that is really effective in rejuvenating the skin and gives a youthful look. You may have guessed it; CITRIC ACID is the ingredient I am talking about.


Citric Acid is an Alpha Hydroxyl Acid, a weak organic acid, which can rejuvenate skin to become more youthful and healthy.




It has astringent and exfoliating properties. Citric Acid is great for brightening skin, shrinking pores, treating acne, and clear dark spots and fine lines. The effect of this beauty ingredient can be felt in masks, scrubs, toners, or  peels. A very effective natural preservative.


 Benefits and Uses Of Citric Acid 

  1. Citric Acid is very effective in sloughing off dead skin cells, especially in Face Masks.
  2. Use in making Bath bombs
  3. This Acid promotes new skin growth 
  4. Citric Acid can help alleviate the appearance of age spots, acne, scars, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.
  5. Citric Acid stimulates collagen production 
  6. It contains the preventive skin damaging properties of free radicals. 
  7. Citric Acid is used in anti-aging products to promote skin peeling and re-growth.
  8. Continuous use of Citric Acid reduces the appearance of  fine-lines on the skin.
  9. Use Citric Acid for amazing skin tone and texture.
  10. Citric Acid, an antioxidant, can treat age-spots. 
  11. Citric Acid is also used for Skin Lightening like in Anti-ageing Face Cream
  12. Citric Acid can treat Foot Odour and Toenail Infection.

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You can also learn how to make CITRIC ACID FACE MASK HERE or CITRIC FOOT SOAK


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