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Welcome to Ruka's Place African Skincare Products Store.

My African ancestors nourish and rejuvenate their skin and hair with oils and different kinds of butter extracted and made from seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. This generational wisdom created a formidable beauty standard that gave them great skin.

That is why I created Ruka’s Place natural, plant-based skincare products inspired by my African ancestors. If it works for them, why won’t it work for us?

Ruka’s Place skincare products are for those who are conscious about what is in their skincare. These products are for women, men, children, and babies, especially for those with black skin. My skincare products are simple, unpretentious skincare products specially formulated with Black skin in mind. They are as close to nature as possible with little engineering but a great emphasis on the way our African ancestors use these skincare products.

The largest organ in our body is the skin. According to science, our skin is capable of absorbing up to 60% of the ingredients in the products we apply to it. It is important to be aware of what we are introducing into our bodies. Both internally and externally.

I want nothing more than to create skincare products that are so safe and effective they can be used daily, even by children. That is why I stayed true to my origin by using naturally derived African ingredients to make skincare products similar to those made by my ancestor.

I have Handmade Body ButtersNatural SoapsFace and Body ScrubsBlended OilsHair MoisturizersShampoosRaw ButtersAfrican Camwood Powder, Other Natural PowdersSaltsGels, and Oils.

Ruka’s Place handmade skincare products are made-in-Ireland without any synthetic ingredients. These are water-free skincare products and the need for preservatives is eliminated. My products are devoid of harsh chemicals and so gentle on the skin that they are ideal for children. Even children with the most delicate and sensitive skin are taken into consideration. I use Eco Packaging for my products unless it is absolutely impossible to do so. And they are cruelty-free too. 

I am here to address the daily skincare needs of black people with African cultural ingredients. Melanin-rich skin needs to be treated and maintained accordingly. Especially in children. My products celebrate and represent African culture to those in the diaspora.

Plants are medicine and that is why my products are all plant-based. I don’t believe that African ingredients need to be over-processed before being considered great. My products are not over-engineered to create an aesthetically pleasing look while compromising on effectiveness. They are made to simulate the way our ancestors made them in ancient times.

I want clean effective skincare for daily use by everybody, especially children. without unnecessary additives so that the skin can glow in the way that nature intends. My goal is to provide beautiful glowing skin with clean skincare products from African ingredients. I am bringing you closer to your heritage with my skincare products.

Some black parents actually bleached their children’s skin, knowingly or unknowingly, due to some of their daily skincare choices. Choose Ruka’s Place Skincare and eliminate these worries from your family life. If you and your children are dark in complexion, my products will make you glow in a healthy way. If you are in the group of black people with naturally fair complexion, your colour will be maintained beautifully.

I am dedicated to bringing healing and soothing skincare products of African origin to treat black skin. Come to me if you are looking for a skincare solution for healing and managing eczema, skin itching, rough patches on the skin, extremely dry skin, diaper rash, and many other skin issues with black children.

If you are tired of skincare products designed for other skin tones and not black skin, then here is something for you.

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