Multipurpose Body Butter For Men

I proudly present to you Manly Butter- a multipurpose organic body butter for men. Perfect for dry, oily, normal, or combination skin.

Ruka’s Place Organic Beard Butter

Manly butter is here to prevent the skin from drying up by retaining moisture. It will keep the skin smooth, supple, and looking strong.

Dry skin or any other skin problems are not limited to women, men suffer too. That is why we formulate this handmade natural plant-based organic skincare elixir specifically for men’s needs.

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Manly multi-tasking balm contains Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Raw Shea ButterSweet Almond OilOrganic Castor OilVegetable Glycerine, Vitamin E Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Lavender Oil, Organic Tea-Tree Oil, Frankincense Oil, and Cold-Pressed Lemon Oil to provide the skin with nutrients and hydration. It also contains occlusive and moisturizing ingredients that keep water from evaporating. The texture also absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

As people get older, the texture of their skin changes. It becomes dry and lighter. The use of soaps and other cleansers also affects the skin by disrupting the lipids and the ceramides naturally found in the body.

Manly Multipurpose Butter made by Ruka’s Place Earthy Skincare Products is powerfully made with nature in mind. It is clean, healthy, organic, and natural. Free from preservatives, fragrance oils, mineral oils, and cruelty-free.

This vegan-friendly manly butter performs different functions for men like treating dry skin, dry rough hands, chapped lips, hair growth, beard grooming, and general body moisturizer.

Add Manly butter to your existing daily routine. Massage into your skin and hair when it is slightly damp from washing. It comes in a very compact easy to carry around jar. Will fit into every man’s grooming kit.

We all need good barrier creams to protect our skin from the environment. This is even more important for men that work outside. They need creams that are not just protective but also healing.

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Ruka’s Place Manly Multipurpose Butter

Manly Butter As A Moisturiser

Men can support their skin barrier further by applying Manly butter daily. This will soften and hydrate their rough hands, elbows, feet, face, lips, heels, hair, in short, every nooks and cranny of the body.

Men need to moisturize daily and as soon as they wash any part of their body, why not do it with what nature intended?

Organic Manly Body Butter will take without you smelling like you are drowning in perfume.

Men with oily skin can benefit from Manly butter too. That your skin is oily doesn’t mean it can’t be dehydrated. Manly butter will help seal in water to keep your skin hydrated all day.

Ruka’s Place Manly Butter

Manly Butter As A Handcream

Baby soft hands are gorgeous on men too. Ruka’s Place Organic Manly Butter will help you with this. Unlike many hand creams out there our manly butter is preservative-free and fragrance-free.

We are all washing our hands more frequently than before due to Covid-19, a good fast absorbing natural product is needed to help lock in moisture.

Organic Manly Multipurpose Butter

Manly As A Lipbalm

Manly multipurpose butter is a hydrating balm for healing dry, cracked skin like the skin on the lips. It works on the lips without leaving a greasy finish and no sticky residue.

Manly Butter As A Heel Cream

Manly butter is a natural emollient and is widely used to treat dry skin like the dry skin on the heels. Manly butter contains lubricating agents like almond oil for keeping the heel soft and hydrated.

Manly Butter As A Hair Cream

Manly Butter from Ruka’s Place

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Manly Multipurpose Butter’s main role is to promote hair growth, keep the hair intact and the hair follicles flattened while nourishing the hair to look better and stronger.

Dryness of the scalp can hinder hair growth and make the hair follicles weaker, causing hair loss.

Massaging and treating your scalp with Organic Manly Butter from Ruka’s Place will stimulate blood circulation, nutrients, and oxygen to the hair follicles and helps to produce stronger, healthier faster-growing hair.

Daily application of manly butter may eliminate flaky skin and also reduce dandruff.

Manly Butter As A Beard Ointment

Who can resist a well-groomed beard on a man?

Time to show off my gorgeous husband. A perfect model for Ruka’s Place Earthy Skincare Products. He is our example that men can definitely benefit from Plant-Based Skincare Products.

If you are struggling to grow your beard or your beard is patchy, dry, or just not looking healthy, this Manly Butter is an amazing ointment for you. Made with the popular African Shea butter, you can’t go wrong.

Manly butter will promote beard growth, give smooth luxurious sleeky beards to men.

Daily treatment with organic manly butter will help to nourish and replenish dry or itchy beard.

Manly Multipurpose Butter from Ruka’s Place

If you are a man looking to keep yourself looking healthy, why not try Manly Butter? You will be amazed at the results.

Ruka’s Place Organic Manly Butter will not leave a greasy residue on your skin. This beautiful butter sinks in quickly and leaves a light protecting film on your skin to help trap in moisture.

Natural Skincare Products For Men

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Invest in Organic Manly Butter for optimum hydration. Instead of heavy chemicals, manly butter is crafted with natural ingredients like Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Raw Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Vitamin E Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Lavender Oil, Organic Tea-Tree Oil, Frankincense Oil, and Cold-Pressed Lemon Oil that soothe and lock in moisture without irritating the skin.

Remember: Manly Multipurpose Butter is—-

  • 100% Natural Body Butter
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Handmade in Ireland
  • Paraben and Cruelty-Free
  • Preservative free

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